As a Club we believes its a small family of photographer where we enjoy a relation for the life time. We always try to engage all our club members in some or the other club activities with-in or out-side the club and it helps to increase the bonding within each other and wish this relation will stay forever.

But on the same like every family even our club has some “Rules & Regulations” which we believe all the club members should follow and we don’t want any of the club members breech club rules in any way.

You are welcome to be a part of Clickerz Community family.

Club Rules & Regulation


* It is the primary moto of the club that any type of undesirable behavior’s will not be encouraged.

* Club will not encourage any type of political, personal issues or disputes, or any abusive language in the club’s WhatsApp group.

* Member doing the same will be notified by the club two times and then the same will be discussed in the club’s senior panel about the member’s future in the club.


* The primary means of communication of the club will be in English. However, club will also be supportive of people with other linguistic preferences.

* The club respects other regional languages, but the club has members from different states and English is an universal accepted language, so for the communication within the club, English will be treated as primary language.

* The club respects the individual preference related to the language barriers, but on the same page, the club wishes that every individual should be comfortable with the communication within the club in English.


* Club will have only two WhatsApp groups for all the members and they are requested to be a part of the all the groups.

1. CC Members Discussion

– Only for club discussion and interacting with the team members

2. CC Review

– Only for image discussion and for discussion /correction of the image. No further discussion will be encouraged in this group.

* Club will have two more WhatsApp group for executive committee.

CC Executive Committee

– Only for club’s senior members or nominated  persons will  be a part of this group to discuss  about the club’s internal matters. Any discussion and decision will be confidential and only the club’s president and secretary will disclose the details with the team members in the main group (CC Members Discussion).

CC Regional Director

– Only club’s senior member or elected body will be a part of this group to discuss the progress in that particular region(division will be as per state or linguistic preferences). It will help to build community and also help the new members in the photographic world.

* Any discussion within the club’s WhatsApp group is highly confidential and club wish all the members should maintain the secrecy of the information and not to share the same outside the club.

* Request to all the team members, not to disclose any information outside the club, else it will be treated as an undesirable act and disciplinary action will be initiated against the Individual/Group of members.

* Members and ADMINs will remain connected through the club’s WhatsApp group. Members should not use any abusive or provocative language in the WhatsApp group.

* WhatsApp platform will be used only for learning and sharing information and photo review. One should respect other members and their views.

* If any individual member/members leave the WhatsApp group without any prior notification, the same act will be treated, as he/she is willing to leave the club and will be dealt accordingly.


* Members are encouraged to participate in at-least one national or international salon/circuit in a calendar month. However, if due to some reason if any member cannot participate for that calendar month or subsequent months, the member should drop an Email or WhatsApp to the club regarding the same.

* The club will encourage salon/circuit participation, but will never force any one to participate, but can only request individual members to participate as it is a part of photography club culture.

* Clickerz Community club respects individual member’s choice of participation in any salon/circuit as an individual, and hence will have no objection if he/she participates in the same where Clickerz Community as a club is not participating in that particular salon/circuit/exhibition.

** Club members should use club name “Clickerz Community” while participating in any salon/circuit/exhibition.

** If he or she is not using the club name while participating, he/she should inform the same to the club and take a prior permission in written from the club with a valid reason.

** Club members can not be a member of any other salon/circuit/exhibition groups ( INDIA Or OTHER COUNTRY), other than NISCP GROUP for any type of participation in SALON/CIRCUIT/EXHIBITION for any patronage.

Club members are required to follow points in RED mentioned above very seriously and failing which the club has an every right to cancel the membership after a single notification.


* Club Financial Year : January To December (Particular Year)

* The club has 200/- ₹ as annual membership fees.

* Membership fee will be submitted during the time of joining the club.

* All the member need to submit the annual fees in the first week of January and the transaction receipt should be send in the club mail id :

* Annual membership fees will be free for any member whose age is less than 18 years.

* The Club will appreciate and request all the team members to donate any additional amount from their end as per individual wish to the club fund which the club will use for the benefit of the club and for its social/noble cause.

* On special cases club has a right to waiver the annual fees for that particular member after discussing with the executive committee of the club.

* Club fee will not be refunded to any member if he/she voluntarily leaves the club in that annual year or if club has terminated his/her membership from the club due to any violation of any rules.


* The club will try to create a fund by organizing salon or circuit in a calendar year and the 20% of the surplus will be submitted in the club fund.

* The club will also try raise the fund by organize photo-walk, indoor shoot, club photo contest, and annual exhibition in a calendar year.

* The Secretary and the President of the club will have all the right to use the club’s fund for social welfare and for the benefit of the club and the same should be maintained in the annual expenses report.

* Annual Report of all the expenses with in the club will be shared with the club members in the month of March.

* Any discrepancy in annual report will deemed to be mismanagement in the affairs of the club fund.


* Each member will have his/her own, unique membership number along with a Club Identity card.

* The club will try its level best to encourage its members to progress in the field of photography, by arranging educational webinar, photo-walk, indoor shoot and training session for all the club members.

* The club will organize a quarterly competition same as per the salon standards, so that we can learn photography and stay active.

* The club will also organize an annual club exhibition for all the team members within the club so that the members can present their picture to everyone.

* The club will try to arrange an annual meet so that the members can meet and interact with each other and share their knowledge.


* Clickerz Community Club conduct club meetings on every month (Online).

– Every member should be a part of the club meeting. Any member missing the 2 consecutive monthly meeting needs to send an explanation in return to the email id:

* Club will notify any changes in about the club meeting prior to the meeting to all the team members in advance, so that they can plan their personal duties accordingly.

* If due to some reason if a participant can join the club meeting, we will expect him/her to inform the same in club WhatsApp Group.


* The club will always encourage team members to introduce their own club to their photographic family/ friends so that they can be a part of the club.

           – Members are requested to notify the same to the Regional Director for the smooth on-boarding of                   new member.

           – Any new member joining our cub will gain the introductory 5 points which will be added while                           calculating the best club member of the year and will be honored with the Club Honorarium along                   with the gift hamper and Club Medal.

* The club members are requested that if any of their family/friends wants to join the club, they may kindly contact the Regional Director so that the admin panel can discuss and explain the club details with the proposed family/friends and then proceed with the joining formalities.

* The club will never want to lose any of the team members, but in some situation/circumstance if a member wants to leave the club, it is advisable to discuss the same with the Regional Director of the club and then decide on the separation process.

* The club will provide a NOC to the member within 5 working days post the date of formal mail for separation request and within the same period, if he/she wants to re-join, he/she will need to provide the reason in a mail so that the club can discuss with Regional Director & Executive Committee and proceed with the re-joining, if possible after discussion.

* The club will not accept any member to leave the club frequently and re-join the club.

– As the club understand and do respect individual view, but if it is a habit then the club won’t accept the same. This can be accepted by the club from an individual member up-to a  maximum of two times.

* The club will always have a right to remove a club member, if he/she is found guilty of plagiarism/any other unfair conduct and will be banned permanently from the club and same will be notified in his/her NOC document.


* Club members need to fill the club membership form every year within first 2 weeks in the month of January along with the club fees.

* Due to some reason if he/she misses to fill the membership form, club member need to inform the same by sending an email to along with the reason for the delay.

*  If club doesn’t find any response from member till “20th January” of the year, club will have all the right to cancel his/her membership from the Clickerz Community Club.

* Club members can not be a member of any other salon/circuit/exhibition groups ( INDIA Or OTHER COUNTRY), other than NISCP GROUP for any type of participation in SALON/CIRCUIT/EXHIBITION for any patronage.

* Inactive members in the club will be notify once and then also if club find their is not much change and member is not taking part in club activities, in such scenario club will have all the right to terminate his/her membership from the club immediately.

* All the members has to take an initiative in the club, so that we all can work for the betterment of the club.

* The club accepts no responsibility for any accident, theft, loss or damage to persons or property of the members and others attending meetings, photo outings etc. and do so at their own risk.

* A member of Clickerz Community cannot be a member of any other FIP registered club and alternatively, a member of any other FIP registered club cannot be a member of Clickerz Community.

* Clickerz Community club respects new FIP regulation, that an individual cannot participate in any national or international salon/circuit from two or more FIP recognised clubs at the same time. Therefore, members need to provide a NOC from previous club OR Attach copy of their resignation mail/screenshot of his/her previous club, if he/she do not have a NOC.

* We discourage any unethical photographic practices. Any club member found guilty of plagiarism will be terminated immediately.

* Malpractices with salon/circuit/contest too are not acceptable. Request to all club members to pay your entry fee if submitted in any salon/circuit/contest.

* In case of any changes in club’s “Rules & Regulations”, the senior members of the club will discuss and notify the same through email to all the club members.


Awards Points
Club Gold 20
Club Silver 15
Club Bronze 10
Jury Award 5
President Award 4
Certificate Of Merit 3
Acceptance 1
Club Introduction (New Member) 8

If you agree with the club “Rules & Regulations”, Kindly fill the membership form.



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