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Who we are

Clickerz Community was founded by a group of keen Photo-lovers and is registered with Federation of Indian Photography.

The motive of founding Clickerz Community is to encourage photography and develop a team of photo enthusiasts in different branches of photography, like Pictorial Photography, Nature, Photo-travel, Photo-Journalism, Digital Creative Photography etc.

We encourage a team of good human beings and fraternity of amateur photo-enthusiasts who enjoy photography with respect to individual.

Our Statistics & Achievements

We feel proud to share our statistics and achievements to our photographic community. This is possible because of our team effort and approach towards our passion for photography.

Best Club Award : 3
Club Photo-Walk (Members) : 3
Open Photo-Walk (General) : 2
Workshop : 2
Exhibition : 1

Club Principles (PATH)


Photography is an ART to express a moment and a story to its viewers. We as an artist should always be profession in the field to capture the right moment at the right time. Professionalism is a key to success in every field of life; whether its passion or profession.


Attitude is something, which makes your way easy towards your goal. If you have a positive attitude toward your life and goal, no one can be a barrier between you and your goal. A personality with positive attitude stay positive and reflect positivity to all who are connected.

“Positive Attitude Reflects.”


Our life teaches us every day and learning from life help us to acquire a knowledge to build a successful personal and professional life and sharing your learning help other also to be successful in life.

Same way learning and teaching in photography are the two key way of improving your skill in photography, it not only help you to learn new perspective but also help you to enhance creative eye as an artist.


A humble person has no enemy. Photography is an art and as an artist, we should be humble to accept the changes, challenges and our photographic colleagues. Always be humble to learn anything and everything with open mind, because that learning will definitely help you some way or another way in capturing the moment of your visual art.


Mr. Tapas Basu

Quote : Be a good human being, photography any one can learn with dedication and effort.

Mr. Satyen Banerjee

Quote : Place a subject in a place where you can balance a image and have a light dimension.


“Age is just a number, in front of your passion.”

Mr. Dipak Sarkar

Quote : Let try it for our club, we will do it….!!! 

Mrs. Preeti Vinod Patel

Quote : When its related to our club, we should take some firm decision.

Clickerz Community

Enjoy, Celebrate and Capture the moment. Be Human & Respect Humanity




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